Donโ€™t Ever Give up on your dreams! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’‹

When things get tough, remember it’s only making you stronger and better. Don’t stop going after your goals and dreams.


Make Yourself Your Priority

you only cheat yourself.png

So often we think “no one will notice if I just..” (insert whatever cheat here). Whether it be eating that cookie, or skipping our workout or that last lap on our run. Who are we kidding? Who are we cheating really? The truth is, the only person that is going to suffer is ourselves. Someone does notice and it matters. When we can realize that every bit does count and it counts for us individually, we will start winning.

Strong enough to stand alone

My son is in kindergarten this year. He’s learning about peer pressure. The other day, a little boy goaded my son into a poor decision. This was a great learning opportunity for my boy! He learned that just because someone else makes it sound appealing and says it’s ok, he’s the one that will pay the price. This is when being different is a great thing. We are all the same and each one unique. Life is a funny dish that way.

maintain your lane.png

When we say the line “Maintain your lane” we are often thinking about other people minding their own business. What if we took that and used it to get tunnel vision about achieving our goals and not worrying what others are doing or saying about us? In this way, we can find success. Too often we concern ourselves with “what does she/he think about me?” or “They said something behind my back”. Taking a note from Martha Graham when she said: “What people in the world think of you is really none of your business” will help you to stay focused. The other day in class one of my classmates kept catching my eye, she thought I was talking about her because of that. I was talking about how much I adore my neighbor to the right of me but because our eyes kept meeting she misunderstood. I think I’ll try to straighten that out tomorrow.

The truth is people are always going to have something to say, everyone seems to have an opinion about how others should live their lives. Don’t worry about it, stay on your own page and work towards your own success.ย This is not to say that you shouldn’t help others. I love to share my knowledge so that others can find the path to success. But I do not get involved when I hear others gossip. There is never a good in that. Just don’t bother.

I hope we all succeed! I hope that we can all be our best selves and do what we need to achieve our own goals. When we focus on ourselves, we do help others. Our gift in this world is developing our passions and giving it back to the world. Don’t be selfish but don’t give everything you have to everyone. Discernment and believing people when they show you who they are is an important part of all of this.

Much love to all you Starrs!



Invest in YOU!

We hear it all the time, “invest in yourself” but what does that mean? First let’s talk about the obvious, investing in the stock market. Now, I’m not any kind of market guru or investment person. I simply use Robinhood and Acorns for Small investing, but it adds up! I like Robinhood because you have control and can trade options. Acorns does the work for you, which is nice! Let me say, I am NOT a financial analyst or money expert. I am simply sharing what I use so that you can find success!

Investing in yourself is learning new skills and implementing them. Go to school or teach yourself, whichever way works for you! Giving back to your community makes you a better person. Taking your neighbor to their doctor appointment or just checking in to see if they need anything. Knowing when to let go of anything not for you. Learning the difference between something not for you and your path with challenges to help you grow into the amazing person you are! Just because we encounter resistance, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path, often that is teaching you perseverance and your end reward will be greater! But don’t put yourself in a bad situation either.

Don’t talk poorly of anyone publicly, often it’s a bad idea privately but you should have people you can vent to that don’t judge. Networking is everything in this life. That woman you don’t like, might end up being the very person you need to take your business to the next level. Always stay gracious. Don’t think you’re better than anyone and keep a teachable attitude. Even the “ignorant” can teach you gems!

Investing in you doesn’t mean taking away from others. In fact, giving will make you happier and a better person.

Love you all!

Brittani Starr


What’s New in my ZOO?!

I’m still crack-a-lackin!

I’ve started going to in-person school, while still running all my other ventures. I had given up on selling leggings but so many were asking about them again. I jumped back in! Perfect timing I must say! Just in time for the Autumn season!ย The gorgeous crisp air and rich colors make my heart sing!

The Fall Collection is OUT!ย 

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The adorable Halloween prints are just perfect! Get them before they are gone! These babies run out fast!

As always, in our classic buttery soft, ultra stretch fabric. You don’t have to fear the sheer! These leggings can stretch! Thanks to all who have ordered.

This is the perfect time to order your holiday gifts! SO many more prints to choose from! I am happy I can share the good things I find with you!

Available in kiddos to Ladies X-Plus sizes on many prints! Tops, dresses, hats, and more! Just add Brittani Starr to your cart!

Cosmo after 40

I officially started cosmetology school last week. I have done everything in my power to stay home with the kiddos all these years. Now they are both in school, I am pursuing my goals!

Yes, it’s completely crazy! Who in their right mind goes to cosmetology school after 40? My attitude is so much different than it would have been in my teens/early 20’s.

I am here to learn so that I can grow my business. I have taught myself everything I know up to now. Now I have to unlearn so that I can learn the proper technique to pass the state exams. This might be more challenging than learning from scratch, but when have I ever backed down from a challenge?

Make Your Dreams Happen!

I have been homeless to building businesses and ruthlessly pursuing my dreams. This is a tragic and beautiful world! Things tend to take place so that we learn what we need to become who we want. I look at everything in my life as a learning experience and find a way to be grateful. Sometimes, that’s much easier said than done. I remember all too well walking around looking for a job but didn’t have an address or phone number. I used to tell them, “as soon as you give me the job, I’ll get an address and phone number!”. I would walk, putting in applications until my feet, face, and shoulders were covered in blisters and every step hurt. Finding a reason to be grateful when my outsides hurt as much as my hungry insides were not easy and I did not always succeed. I have been bitter and angry for a good portion of my life. What I do know is taking the responsibility and finding a way to win against all odds, is how you build your self-esteem and strong character. A little help from time to time is great too!

I’m grateful for all my experiences. Now I am not afraid to dig into a big dream and put in the years of work to attain it. I am told I have the “patience of steel”. I believe I have stamina but I’m not sure I feel very patient much of the time. I don’t seem to give up even in the face of extreme opposition. Tenacity will get you far. Even if you’re only taking baby steps, just make sure you are taking any step forward that you can.


Reach for the STARRS! Never give UP!



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A New Chapter

I’ve been going to business school. I do enjoy it. I love business and being an entrepreneur. I learn every day! However, I have always wanted to go to cosmetology school. When I was a child in Texas, my father taught CPR classes and he would bring home the dolls for me to make beautiful. I started a magazine and did makeovers on people at church. Even when I was homeless in LA I would do people’s hair and help them look better.

Looking better helps people feel better. Let me tell you, when you’re down, any little bit helps! I’ve lived a lot of life and no matter what, I come back to doing cosmetology. I’ve decided that I’m just going to do what brings me joy. I’ve been trying to follow this dream for years, only recently has life opened up for me to be able to.

Patience and persistence! Life is made up of your daily habits and actions. What is your dream? That is your business! That is how you give back to the world and share your gift! Don’t get to the grave and have a list of “I wish I had”, do it now! The world needs your gift! And you need to live your passions!

If you don’t know where to start, contact me! I’d love to walk you through. We can all be successful on our own terms!

Go out and live your dreams today!

Twisted Spur Boutique

Hiya everyone!

I am an affiliate with Twisted Spur Boutique. My children’s godmother and my friend Juanita introduced me to these leggings. She kept telling me about them but, well, everyone is constantly trying to sell something so I kinda just ignored her. A few months went by and it was time for my daughters birthday. As a gift, Juanita decided to just send us some of the leggings. She told me she was going to get us all matching leggings. We are all completely different sizes. She only got general information from me and sent the leggings. To be perfectly honest, I figured they would be a dud and I’d just smile and say thank you. To my great joy and surprise, these leggings fit every one of us!

blue southwest kiddos

The first time we slipped these leggings on was amazing! My daughter looks at me and says “Oh my gosh, mommy! They feel like clouds!” I have a large derriere and small waist and mine slipped on perfectly! I always have to have bottoms tailored to fit but these fit right out of the package! When Juanita told me they only cost $10, I was sold. I emailed the company directly and asked to become a consultant myself! When I find something good, I have to share it with YOU!

muted blue skulls

These leggings will stretch up to 3X without going sheer. Let me tell you with my booty that is helpful!! My daughter and I call them cloud-soft, Twisted Spur Boutique calls them buttery soft, either way, they feel amazing! You deserve an inexpensive luxury! Treat yourself without the guilt!

stars kids

If you love these leggings as much as we all do, message me and I can sign you up to become a consultant too! My goal is to help everyone I can succeed! Let’s do this together! Build your community, Create your world!!


We have an Inner Truth Barometer! ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’– Starr Goddess

Each of us has an internal truth barometer. Anytime we hear something that does not hold true, our bodies reject it. Take notice next time you hear something that isn’t true. Even when it comes from those we love or respect.

I want you to know that you are powerful in and of yourself. However, we are an unstoppable community when we realize not only our individual power but our collective power.

When we understand our connection with each individual and the universe as a whole, we are able to meet not only our own needs but others. In this way, we complete the cycle of harmony.

We have the power to make others thrive. When we look outside ourselves to improve others we find our own lives thrive. This is how we are all connected. Your success is my success as mine is yours. We all belong to each other. Every individual is an aspect of the whole. I am every person and so are you.

Let’s find each other so that we can understand ourselves. Let’s build each other up and find our connections. In so doing we create such a beautiful world of limitlessness!

All my love,

Starr Goddess

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