9 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. School shootings and other mass murders are engineered by the CIA/FBI using psychiatric drugs and hypnosis in order to force gun control leading to confiscation on us . Bill Cooper (look him up) wrote that as long ago as 1990 the CIA had a plan for school shootings .
    By the way – where are the single survivalist girls ???
    The Deep State is so in control of this country there is no fixing it anymore, but only trying to survive whatever the coming war or crash will be !

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    1. Hiya Rich! I am still getting my site back together. I haven’t started advertising yet. I’ve been spending time on content.
      Thank you for your interest! Once I get the money raised, I’ll be putting the dating site together again. Thank you for part


    2. I’m here Rich – trying to prep here in the UK with a power crazy government that doesn’t want us to even have knives now, never mind guns.
      I want a prep minded guy who isn’t afraid of hard work.


      1. Hi DrM, thank you for writing . I am taking on a very hard project for my so-called retirement years. Am afraid of hard work, but it must be attempted .
        Yes, it seems the globalists are much farther ahead in the UK .
        I know next to nothing of you, but assume you are a woman ?


  2. I am a survivalist minded woman who wants to move out of the city. Would things going on the way they are I want to live out in the wilderness and so I found this site and make a comment. I’ve also looked into prepper sites and have some connections there.


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