Instant Teeth Whitening! (Low Cost!)

Hiya Loves!

Today I am sharing with you my instant teeth whitening routine! (Low Cost!) As we get older and through the things we eat, our teeth start to yellow. While some yellowing is natural and normal, we can always improve. I think we all like to believe we are aging than others our age but it does take some effort. Along with your regular healthy routine, perhaps consider adding to it. We want to be healthy, not just give the appearance.

Do you want whiter teeth instantly?!

I will show you my 4 step process that gets my teeth white instantly and keep them that way!

  Step 1) First I use my Toms of Maine toothpaste and brush per usual

  Step 2) Next I keep a jar of Baking Soda in my bathroom and I pour Peroxide over the baking soda on my toothbrush and brush my teeth only

  Step 3) I then use my Organic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

  Step 4) I finish my routine with another round of my Toms toothpaste brushing

I love this routine! My mouth feels clean and fresh and my teeth nice and white! My kiddos even tell me my teeth look better. Do you have a teeth whitening routine? What is yours?


Speaking of looking your best! Are you getting married? Let me officiate your service! I am an ordained minister for the state of Washington.


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