We have an Inner Truth Barometer!

Each of us has an internal truth barometer. Anytime we hear something that does not hold true, our bodies reject it. Take notice next time you hear something that isn’t true. Even when it comes from those we love or respect.

I want you to know that you are powerful in and of yourself. However, we are an unstoppable community when we realize not only our individual power but our collective power.

When we understand our connection with each individual and the universe as a whole, we are able to meet not only our own needs but others. In this way, we complete the cycle of harmony.

We have the power to make others thrive. When we look outside ourselves to improve others we find our own lives thrive. This is how we are all connected. Your success is my success as mine is yours. We all belong to each other. Every individual is an aspect of the whole. I am every person and so are you.

Let’s find each other so that we can understand ourselves. Let’s build each other up and find our connections. In so doing we create such a beautiful world of limitlessness!

All my love,

Brittani Starr


About Author

I believed for years that other people had things figured out. Now I realize everyone is just as clueless as the next. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have presently. If you’re really honest, you will find every person is a part of you and you a part of them. We are all capable of incredible love and incredible evil. The choice is yours which path you take, it’s really that simple.

I decided that I would create my own world and do just that. I love learning new skills and sharing my knowledge with you! I adore information and will entertain quite a lot of whacky, quirky, and just plain fun ideas!
Join my journey!

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Brittani Starr
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