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Twisted Spur Boutique

Hiya everyone!

I am an affiliate with Twisted Spur Boutique. My children’s godmother and my friend Juanita introduced me to these leggings. She kept telling me about them but, well, everyone is constantly trying to sell something so I kinda just ignored her. A few months went by and it was time for my daughters birthday. As a gift, Juanita decided to just send us some of the leggings. She told me she was going to get us all matching leggings. We are all completely different sizes. She only got general information from me and sent the leggings. To be perfectly honest, I figured they would be a dud and I’d just smile and say thank you. To my great joy and surprise, these leggings fit every one of us!

blue southwest kiddos

The first time we slipped these leggings on was amazing! My daughter looks at me and says “Oh my gosh, mommy! They feel like clouds!” I have a large derriere and small waist and mine slipped on perfectly! I always have to have bottoms tailored to fit but these fit right out of the package! When Juanita told me they only cost $10, I was sold. I emailed the company directly and asked to become a consultant myself! When I find something good, I have to share it with YOU!

muted blue skulls

These leggings will stretch up to 3X without going sheer. Let me tell you with my booty that is helpful!! My daughter and I call them cloud-soft, Twisted Spur Boutique calls them buttery soft, either way, they feel amazing! You deserve an inexpensive luxury! Treat yourself without the guilt!

stars kids

If you love these leggings as much as we all do, message me and I can sign you up to become a consultant too! My goal is to help everyone I can succeed! Let’s do this together! Build your community, Create your world!!


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