Push Past the Pain

Every day I have to push past the pain. The pain of being excluded at school. The pain from my body from my accident and years of abusive relationships. Damaged nerves try to keep me from using my marcel iron. Pain from the car accident make standing for very long a burning pain throughout most of my body.

The thing is, I love cosmetology so much that none of that can keep me from continuing to fulfill my dream. I just learn new ways to keep on going. Whether it’s working on my mannequin because no one wants to team with me, or breathing through the burning body pain, I will endure.

I may not be the most talented in the class, I may be the oldest and have a greater learning curve but I make up for it in sheer tenacity. I have dreamt this since I was a child. Nothing will stop me now. I could make it easier on myself and just get an office job and make good money, but I choose to live my passion at all costs.

There is a reason I’m this passionate and I can’t quit until I fulfill it. 41 in cosmetology school, what was I thinking?! I was thinking it’s NEVER too late to make your dreams a reality and what better gift can I give my children than that!?

You can cry, you can sit down and give up but only for a moment, then you have to rise and continue the work. Every single day is one day closer.


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