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Our Christmas weekend in November!πŸ’–

This here group is the best family anyone could ask for! My best friend just decided to show up at my house on Freshman testing day and make it Christmas since we couldn’t be together for the holiday. This woman I’ll tell ya!

For our Christmas, Jessica got me some Black Craft Joewell shears to cut with at home. Right now I have to keep my school shears at school. I was beyond happy to have a couple of models to do some cuts on. A challenge is always good! I got to do a

men’s cut

And Curly haircut as well!

I couldn’t ask for more in this life! I’m so blessed with my amazing family. πŸ’–πŸ’«

After a satisfying day Jessica asked if we wanted to go for a movie and a show! So Old Spaghetti Factory and Shreck the musical it was. The food was great, the company the best and the show wonderful! πŸ¦‹

These crazy kiddos make my heart happy! The gorgeous smiles and laughter fill my heart! We enjoyed a great dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory in Spokane for a delicious and filling meal!

To be followed by a great belly laughing time at The Bing Crosby Theater for Shrek the Musical

By the way, the leggings are from Twisted Spur Boutique and yes! You do need a pair! I was so smitten by this pair of Odyssey leggings!

I LOVE the vintage looks of the 1940’s and I guess I’m getting a name for doing them! Honestly, that was never my intention but that’s what my hands and imagination seem to want to do so I’m going to go with it. My look for tonight was braids with a vintage feel. Angel braids on the sides and fishtail braid on top, held with a clip.

This weekend was so amazing! I’m so lucky to have found such great people to be part of my lifeπŸ’–πŸ¦„πŸ’«πŸ¦‹

Keep believing and your dreams will come true!

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