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Airbrush Tanning by Brittani Starr Beauty

I am a white girl. Some might say I glow in the dark white. I’ve tried the booth tanning but I looked orange and never went back. Airbrush tanning sounded great but the price was steep.

Since I’ve been going to cosmetology school I my interest has been sparked again. I decided to purchase my own airbrush tanning machine. I researched the different solutions and am continually trying others. I want a good color for each person. Because everyone is different I can customize the solution to each guest.

I’ve been learning so much on this journey!

Knowing the steps to prepare for an airbrush tan are helpful in keeping the color looking it’s best. The longer you wait to shower, the darker the color and longer the stay. Harsh chemicals such as chlorine, noticeably lighten tan.

Avoid rubbing with a mitt or other cloth excessively.

I’ve learned that my teeth look whiter. My daughter think I’m wearing makeup when I’m not. People ask about my healthy, young looking skin. My body looks better. I feel better because I look better. I’ve even started working out again! Let’s focus on keeping that going! I even discovered the whites of my eyes appear whiter.Here’s me and the kiddos in Indianapolis, Indiana before our flight home. I have zero makeup on. This tan was a blend and I washed it off after 4 hours instead of at least 6 hours. I later went into the pool, which took more off.

I would love to make you feel as great as I have! Come on in and let me make you Shine Like the Starr You Are!

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