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Hiya everyone!

I am an affiliate with Twisted Spur Boutique. My children’s godmother and my friend Juanita introduced me to these leggings. She kept telling me about them but, well, everyone is constantly trying to sell something so I kinda just ignored her. A few months went by and it was time for my daughters birthday. As a gift, Juanita decided to just send us some of the leggings. She told me she was going to get us all matching leggings. We are all completely different sizes. She only got general information from me and sent the leggings. To be perfectly honest, I figured they would be a dud and I’d just smile and say thank you. To my great joy and surprise, these leggings fit every one of us!

blue southwest kiddos

The first time we slipped these leggings on was amazing! My daughter looks at me and says “Oh my gosh, mommy! They feel like clouds!” I have a large derriere and small waist and mine slipped on perfectly! I always have to have bottoms tailored to fit but these fit right out of the package! When Juanita told me they only cost $10, I was sold. I emailed the company directly and asked to become a consultant myself! When I find something good, I have to share it with YOU!

muted blue skulls

These leggings will stretch up to 3X without going sheer. Let me tell you with my booty that is helpful!! My daughter and I call them cloud-soft, Twisted Spur Boutique calls them buttery soft, either way, they feel amazing! You deserve an inexpensive luxury! Treat yourself without the guilt!

stars kids

If you love these leggings as much as we all do, message me and I can sign you up to become a consultant too! My goal is to help everyone I can succeed! Let’s do this together! Build your community, Create your world!!



We have an Inner Truth Barometer! 💋💖 Starr Goddess

Each of us has an internal truth barometer. Anytime we hear something that does not hold true, our bodies reject it. Take notice next time you hear something that isn’t true. Even when it comes from those we love or respect.

I want you to know that you are powerful in and of yourself. However, we are an unstoppable community when we realize not only our individual power but our collective power.

When we understand our connection with each individual and the universe as a whole, we are able to meet not only our own needs but others. In this way, we complete the cycle of harmony.

We have the power to make others thrive. When we look outside ourselves to improve others we find our own lives thrive. This is how we are all connected. Your success is my success as mine is yours. We all belong to each other. Every individual is an aspect of the whole. I am every person and so are you.

Let’s find each other so that we can understand ourselves. Let’s build each other up and find our connections. In so doing we create such a beautiful world of limitlessness!

All my love,

Starr Goddess

There is No Such Thing as Failure When You Use the Information to Your Advantage!

Relationships make up every aspect of our lives. And every one of our relationships is modeled after the family.

Look at the mass generational exodus from Christianity. I see the pieces so clearly when I step back and watch. Many of us were tired of the dogmatic oppression that was the church. We viewed the church much like the abused child and their parent. Perhaps this is where all the victimhood came from? Thoughts for another day I’m sure.

Each of us is working to make our selves and our own lives better. We see a ‘good’ person as one that is sharing their successes with the rest of us. And a bad one is one is one that has more than us or at least we perceive them to.

I have people thinking I have money I just won’t share. While others look down on me as though I haven’t made it far enough. I can be in the same store, the same outfit and two different people have completely opposing views of me.

I can choose to be offended in any direction or I can smile, allow others to believe whatever they like, and use the information to my advantage.

Here’s the thing, when people underestimate me they never see me coming and that my dear, is a superpower! Just listen to the perceptions of others, no need to act. The only people that matter will love you regardless. When you understand other people’s perceptions you can choose to self-evaluate. Ask yourself; is what they’re saying true? Could I use this information, no matter how painful or offensive, to improve myself or my life?

When we see how others perceive us it’s information. That’s it! Just plain ole’ information. Listen, take it in, roll around in it a minute. The things that sting are the ones we are supposed to examine about ourselves. You don’t have to show that person they hit a nerve but go home and sit with yourself and get really honest.

There is nothing wrong with information, only what I do with that information. This is a trap many of us fall into far too often of becoming offended by the mere information.

Information is there to help you grow and do better. When a virtual assistant a few years back, on Fivver turned down my gig because my religious views offended them. I found a new VA. Why would I want to force a person to work with me?

Not only is it bad manners to shove things down anyone’s throat. That’s also energy I’m putting into my work and life now. I don’t want that kind of negativity. People are where they are on their journey. This is part of what it means to respect each other’s journey.

If they are willing to forego the money, I can find a new VA.  I was shocked when I got turned down the first time but after several times I figured out how to do it myself. *Sidenote* Fiverr is a fantastic resource and I use them regularly! I just use people that want to work with me.😉

The difference isn’t that these things aren’t happening to other people, it’a just you are complaining where others are keeping quiet and moving on with positivity! ☺

You may think that being loud about such an injustice is the way to win. And in fact, you will likely have an emotional release. However, you will only show the other person correct and set yourself further behind.

Let me tell you a story;

when I was a child I would eat steak. I loved steak but for some weird reason, I always got the piece with that really chew part I wouldn’t swallow. I would be loud and wonder why it was ‘only me’ that got THAT piece of steak. Well, it wasn’t just me, it’s all steak and I was just making a big hoopla whereas everyone else had learned to thrive despite the small inconvenience. I thought was ‘the only one’. Now looking back I see I was merely naive and misinformed. Often times in life when we remain quiet and be patient we will see how everything fits.

I know now that what I focus on is what I get. I wanted to be a feminist and was angry about being forced into a 1950’s housewife. Well, a few years later and much research, I have great respect for what 1950’s housewives did. They were in many ways, extremely lucky to stay home and take care of their children. Obviously, there was not so great but I think we toss the baby out with the bathwater here.

When we were fighting, I thought we were fighting for all women to get to choose their own path. Now my daughter is embarrassed to like pink

All my love,

Starr Goddess 💋💖

My New Lavish Concealer

Hiya Loves! 💋💖

I just got my new lavish concealer! And to tell you the truth, I would have bought it for the super cute container! I’m pretty sure I actually squealed😋! I don’t know if my pictures do it justice.

When I tried it, I loved it more! Not only is it super cute, but it’s functional! The coverage is medium and build-able. I have  A simple container can make me feel luxurious! Isn’t life too short to feel anything less?

The coverage is buildable. I have pale skin and the tint worked well. I will say it is a bit on the dry side. The dryness worked for me to create a lovely natural matte look. I have oily t-zone but I’m over 40 so I tend to use multiple products to achieve the look I want.

I am very happy with the product and the packaging!

I love playing with beautiful things! Have you tried this concealer? What did you think? Are you interested in purchasing? Let me know!

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How do you…Shine the Starr You Are?!


Hello all.

I’ve designed shirts for our community so that we can raise money to move the site back under its own domain and continue to improve. I couldn’t have done this much without you! Thank you for all your support!

The site is already gaining, with new subscribers every day. Let’s work together and build our community!

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Did Christianity Remove the Goddess?

If we know that all things are based on the family model and

we know women are natural healers and life creators. Women are natural nurturers. A lot of our power is unseen. We work behind the scenes keeping things together and directing from the background. There is much power in running a home. There is much power in being unknown and being the woman behind the curtain.

Let’s look at this scripture. Genesis 1:26

Did they remove the Goddess from scripture? If man and woman were created in ‘our’ image then it was god and Goddess.

I see that it’s supposed to be a marrying (if you will) of pagan (female dominant) and Christianity (male dominant) to form a uniting paradigm spirituality. But each removed the other and created division.

I see all religions have got pieces of the answer but either stop short or go off in other directions with the small pieces they find.

I do notice in the next verse it says ‘created he them’. I also know male pronouns are widely used, even more so then.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there is a Goddess we weren’t told about? Are god and Goddess married or partnered? Can you see paganism and Christianity coinciding?

I love to understand your view! Let’s have a discussion!

All my love,

Starr Goddess💋💖

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Survivalist Singles is UP!

Hello everyone,

My name is Brittani and I am the original creator of Survivalist Singles, more than a dating site, a community of critical thinkers.  I am teaching myself how to run the site.  My goal is to integrate cryptocurrency but for now, I’m offering you a private social network for critical thinkers.

Please go here and sign up as a valued member of our community. I’m trying to keep it as easy as possible. I designed tee shirts and caps. I am lining up military and veterans to write articles or create videos talking about self-defense and an array of other topics.

I’m using a social network platform with a familiar interface for ease. I also want to see this site grow into a whole network of critical thinkers, not just a dating site. Thank you for your patience during this reuniting.

I hope you enjoy. As always, be respectful and question EVERYTHING

If you’d like to volunteer, please email me at

Instant Teeth Whitening! (Low Cost!)

Hiya Loves!

Today I am sharing with you my instant teeth whitening routine! (Low Cost!) As we get older and through the things we eat, our teeth start to yellow. While some yellowing is natural and normal, we can always improve. I think we all like to believe we are aging than others our age but it does take some effort. Along with your regular healthy routine, perhaps consider adding to it. We want to be healthy, not just give the appearance.

Do you want whiter teeth instantly?!

I will show you my 4 step process that gets my teeth white instantly and keep them that way!

  Step 1) First I use my Toms of Maine toothpaste and brush per usual

  Step 2) Next I keep a jar of Baking Soda in my bathroom and I pour Peroxide over the baking soda on my toothbrush and brush my teeth only

  Step 3) I then use my Organic Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

  Step 4) I finish my routine with another round of my Toms toothpaste brushing

I love this routine! My mouth feels clean and fresh and my teeth nice and white! My kiddos even tell me my teeth look better. Do you have a teeth whitening routine? What is yours?


Speaking of looking your best! Are you getting married? Let me officiate your service! I am an ordained minister for the state of Washington.