Survivalist Singles

Survivalist Singles was Created in 2009. This was a family project. My father and I challenged ourselves to create a dating website. After reading James Rawles survivalblog, and finding many other type sites, I came up with Survivalist Singles. My father helped me find the operating system and figured out how to get the site up. Without his invaluable effort and skill, I would have never got off the ground.

We wanted to give a platform for critical thinking patriots to come together to form relationships, groups, and just community.

Now more than ever this site is needed again! I did have it up and running as a social network but had technical difficulties and the site crashed. Due to monetary restrictions I am not able to purchase a business plan for every site. My solution was to host the dating site on my business page.

Please be an active and respectful member of our community. Know that any information shared online is never safe. I will do my best to keep your information safe.